Joplin for notes

For the last few years I have been using Markdown for note taking and documentation. I find the syntax quick and easy to use and can be read by numerous applications. If I care to share a document it’s as easy as sending .md files around, uploading to my hugo site, or by creating a mdwiki from it. In the beginning I was more concerned about being that linux guy that did everything via the commandline and I would do all my editing in vim.

Build a website using markdown and deploy to the cloud - For Free!

Today I will show you how to create a website, but instead of using something like Wordpress we will be writing the content in Markdown. Markdown is nice because you can jot down your ideas quickly using simple syntax and even work offline. Using this markup language has been an super easy adjustment for me as I already write all my notes and code documentation using it. We will also be exploring some new technologies and techniques to get us started quickly and automatically deploy to the cloud.